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Modello metà 2010, A1278 / processore Core Duo 2,4 o 2,66 GHz

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Blown motherboard component, 0 ohm resistor?

Hello, so ive made a mistake on my mid 2010 macbook pro intel core duo 2.66Ghz . During a cleaning session for multiple of the laptops i work on and refurbish. I failed to realize that the battery was still plugged in to my macbook, while unplugging a display ribbon cable, the device turned on. I immediately shut it off and put it back together and noticed the LCD backlight is now nonfunctional. I have attached a picture of the only burnt component i could locate. [edited to show the location for the backlight fuse/circuit, and a more complete board view]

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Is this just a 0 ohm resistor/jumper that can be replaced with a drop of solder/wire? It seems to be unmarked like the resistors around it. I have experience with microsolderong but this is a bit out of my knowledge range as to what it is.

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@mike2021 not it is not. The component in question is:

reference designator L3404 which is a 120 Ohm 1.5A Ferrite inductor in a 0402 package

right next to it is

reference designator C3422 which is a 0.1uF 10V 20% capacitor in a 0402 package

You do not want to apply any jumpers to this but replace them. Both parts are available at places like or as well as many other places.

Block Image

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The C3422 capacitor does not look to be damaged at least to me, would you recommend replacing it as well or do you believe it is ok? amazing response and i appreciate the exact spec along with a location to obtain them. You just saved my macbook.


@mike2021 I would replace both of these components but I don’t think they have anything to do with the back light circuit. The backlight driver, diode, filter and capacitors are on the other side of the board in front of the LCD connector if my memory is right.

I haven’t access to a board view or schematics at the moment. Maybe @oldturkey03 could point you to the backlight filter which you could check with a multimeter.


You would be correct @imicrosoldering. But its exactly on the other side of the board from the connector, and as far as i can tell, its the only component that looks damaged, this is overall an odd situation. But ill look more into it when i can get back to the board


@imicrosoldering @mike2021 it is correct that those components are not part of the backlight circuitry. They belong to the WLAN circuit. I‘d change both components due to proximity. By what you said about being on the other side of the board, I’d be concerned about actual physical board damage past the component level. Hopefully not and keep us informed.


@oldturkey03 the parts are coming in tomorrow and hopefully i can gain acess to my college microscope lab so i can use my soldering equipment. Will have an update tomorrow, thanks for the help


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