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Whirlpool Ice Maker not Working Already Replaced Inlet valve and motor

I have reset the fridge, and tested the Ohm s with a voltmeter. The readings for the motor and inlet valve were off, so I replaced those. Still nothing, so I reset the fridge based on some instructions I found. Still no ice. The water dispenser works fine. The thermostat is at 0 degrees. Model # WSF26C3EXW01. Now what? Thanks so much.

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Hi @nicoleshoes,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?



Thank you so much for any ideas you may have.


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Hi @nicoleshoes ,

Here’s the tech sheet for the refrigerator that may help.

The tech sheet shows that the refrigerator has 3 water inlet valves. A main inlet valve and then one inlet valve for the water dispenser and one for the ice maker. To get water flowing 2 valves have to operate, the main inlet valve and one other i.e. the water dispenser or the ice maker valve.

The main valve itself is OK as the water dispenser is working but is the ice maker water inlet valve operating and is the main valve operating with it?

The tech sheet shows how to enter the Service Diagnostic Mode and Step #25 is the icemaker fill test. It will indicate if the valve is operating or not. If it is not operating check the Tan wire between the icemaker and the ice maker water inlet valve for continuity. If that is OK check that the Tan wire also makes the main valve operate. (This wire changes to a Violet wire at the valve)

The wiring diagram shows that there is a thermal fuse connected to the icemaker on the Black/White wire from P3/3 on the main board. Since the Neutral side of the power supply is connected to the icemaker, the power for the icemaker comes from the main board. If the fuse is faulty then it won’t work without power. Disconnect the power from the refrigerator and test the wire for continuity from the main board to the icemaker.

Be safety aware and do all continuity testing with the power disconnected from the refrigerator as the valves operate at 120V AC

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