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Una console di gioco per la televisione prodotta da Sony Computer Entertainment, conosciuta anche come PS4. Annunciata il 20 febbraio 2013 e lanciata sul mercato il 15 novembre 2013.

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Did I fry my ps4 slim?

Hello everyone,

Through a dumb and senseless act I possibly fried my ps4. I was attempting to test and fix a dualshock 4 which wouldn't turn on while the console was on & had the controller plugged in via the usb cable. I had the controller apart and decided to use metal tweezers to try and power on the ds4 on the pad where the ps4 button is located (I don't know what I was thinking, I wasn't lol) and in doing this the unit or t.v. made a noticeable beeping sound while the whole screen displayed an array of colorful pixels. As soon as this happened the ps4 shut off. I then tried powering it on again and it did beep but was not powering on at all. I unplugged all the cables, waited a couple minutes, and tried again only to find there's no power at all. Did I possibly cause damage to the power supply or is the console ruined? I appreciate any information advance. Thanks.


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You aren't the only one who did stupid things. I was replacing a battery on an iphone 5s a couple of years ago on my workbench(in my room with a carpet). a loose screw punctured the battery when i tried to put the new battery in(It was fully charged) . When I saw removed the screw from the battery i saw a very faint orange glow inside the battery(fully charged), so i touched the inside of the battery with my screwdriver. a minute later the fire alarm went off and theres a big black melted hole on the carpet where the remains of the battery were.


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yes you damaged the ps4 but probably not fried it

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Could it be the apu or south bridge chip?


yeah probably I'm not a ps4 expert or any thing but is probably that


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