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Ps4 Powers up for roughly 10 seconds then shuts down

I power it up.

Beeps once.

Stays on for roughly 10 seconds

Then powers down.

Have replaced power and hdmi cords with a machine that works and still nothing.

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Does it display anything on the display? Do the fans ramp up to max? Is there a storage drive in the main bay? Is the Playstation OS installed?


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@mr_nimbus sounds like their answer is on the right track, but their link didn’t show up.

Here’s a link to a guide we have about replacing the Power Supply Unit.

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Seems like a faulty power supply. Had the same with mine would turn on beep once with blue light and then turn off immediately. Mine was a CUH 7202B model so required a ADP-300FR power supply. If your console is a different model try opening up the console and checking its power supply part number.

Here’s a video explaining steps to opening the console and replacing the PSU.

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