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Yellow spot on LCD

I was about to replace my iPhone 12 LCD with a 2nd hand LCD cause it was broken.
After I heated and was about to remove the face id part of the device of the 2nd hand LCD, I saw the yellow spot.
What could be the problem? It’s already 3 days since I did it and the yellow spot was still there.

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Hi,I saw your quesition.
In this cace maybe 2nd hand LCD broken when it heated.
Yellow spots are often seen at the time broken. I don't know that heating added damage for 2nd hand LCD.
I want to know how to heat LCD,if it's ok with you.
I recommend you to exchange.

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Yellow spots are usually caused by way too much heat. They can also be caused by pressure on the back of the screen. You could always open up the phone and make sure there's nothing pressing on the back of the screen in that area. What did you heat the screen with?

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