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Cannot get picture on tv after replacing board with a known good one.

I have a'''Samsung UN55NU6900FXZA that when I turn it on the backlights flicker on and then off, there is also no sound. The on button flashes twice when the blacklight comes on. I replaced the board with a know good one and its the same thing. I removed one ribbon cable and nothing, but when I reattach the cable and remove the other ribbon cable the back lights stay on and the tv has sound but still no picture. Here is a picture of the back of the tv and the board with the offending ribbon cable not plugged in… Anybody got any idea what the problem is?

Block Image


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Unfortunately it looks like you have a dead/shorted out LCD panel. If you have tried a new mainboard/powerboard and backlight stays on only when you disconnect the bottom lvds then that's all you can do. A new panel is going to cost more than a new tv.

Hope this helped, not really the news someone wants to hear but none the less. Return the parts you can ?

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