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Un discendente dello smartphone LG V10, simile all'LG G5, rilasciato il 29 settembre 2016. L'LG V20 si distingue per i numeri modello F800, H910, H918, H990 DS Dual, H990N Dual, H990 T, LS 997, US 996 e VS995. È disponibile con finitura titanio, rosa o argento con 32 o 64 GB di memoria interna.

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Battery not charging, but phone gets very hot instead.

Hi. I’m trying to figure out the cause of the issue with my V20. I will describe it and I’m hoping to learn what I need to replace to get it working again. First off, I tried this with multiple batteries, and multiple chargers, so it’s not that. I also performed a full factory reset, and ran it in safe mode, so it’s probably not related to software. So, here’s what’s happening: it’s heating up very hot, even when turned off and not plugged into a charger. When I do plug a charger in, the battery percentage does not increase, but instead the phone gets extremely hot, so much so that it’s painful to push the power button.

I’m hoping someone in iFixit has encountered this and knows what’s wrong with it.

Thanks in advance,


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Find where the heat source is coming from. Excess heat is a common symptom of a short and considering it’s happening while the device is powered off and not charging it sounds like there’s a short on the main power lines. If you have a multimeter, set it to diode mode and touch the two ends together. When you hear a beep that means there’s a short. Now take the probes and probe the positive and negative pins in the battery connector ON THE MOTHERBOARD, NOT THE BATTERY ITSELF. Never test diode mode on a powered circuit. If you get a beep from touching the two pins together, there’s a short circuit.

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Hi Jesse,

Thanks for your reply. The phone is getting hottest right at the point where the power/fingerprint button is on the back. I will open it up and give that a try w/ my multimeter.




I tested just as you explained above, and when I checked the 2 outer pins on the phone, I did not hear any beep. I'm seeing numbers show up on the multimeter - with red on (+), number hovers around 650. With red on (-) it's at 189. Not sure what means - maybe I have a partial short. Thinking next step maybe disassemble and clean the motherboard w/ alcohol?

Would appreciate any further advice...




@dixiecupp the numbers are normal that just shows the resistance in ohms. As long as you're not getting a beep between the positive and negative pins you should be fine.


@hootonberg , thanks for clarifying that. So I don't have a short - but what could be causing the behavior? Heating up when not turned on; not charging but getting extremely hot (around the back button mostly) when plugged in. The phone works fine in all other aspects. Would it be beneficial to remove the motherboard, clean w alcohol etc? Thanks!


Help my phone has the same problem, i really need my phone to be fixed


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