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Methods for social platform verification calls

Does anyone have a way to not give out your real phone number for twitter verification without resorting to buying a new phone or burner or google voice? Any free workarounds? I have seen on reddit some people mention dodgy websites like etc. Just curious for people who like to keep their privacy from companies etc. Checked around and these seem to be all people know as of now. If someone did use a temporary number, woulsn’t the same thing happen later down the road when twitter forces verification again of phone number but you no longer would have that temporary phone number. Just curious what you tech savvy bunch think or know. Thanks loads for any help

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most social media services or other sites that use verification should give you an option to verify using an Email instead.


I thought so too. But one day, having had no strikes on the account or any warnings etc. i was told twittre locked my account for safety reasons. Then prompted me to put a phone number in to be associated with the account, with no ways around it. The account is still locked and they may respond to my issue i contacted them about, so far, nothing. But i wont give out s phone number they can have. So we will see what comes of this. Thank you for trying to help!


@beee I'm sorry i was unable to help but it seems like Twitter is trying to twist your arm into forking over your info so they can use it for "personalized ads" have you tried logging in using a different device?


Yes and they wont allow me to access anything as of now. I completely agree theyre trying to force me to give them my number, but i wont, i wont bend. If you hear of anything working for this issue, let me know. Thanks so kindly.


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Be careful what you ask. The way I see it, having this option actually hurts average people more, because such option will be abused by scammers to hide their identities.

If the social platform promises to restrict the usage of your phone number entered in verification page to be only used for security purposes, then go ahead, there is nothing you can change even if you worry about them.

Having any workarounds is already unlikely, not to mention “free” workarounds.

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Okay thanks for your input tom chai. Yes figured i would ask to see but wasnt expecting for it to be the case. I am just not as trusting nowadays with my phone number with these social platform companies. I guess i will forgo accessing my account then. Cheers x


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