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Modello A2116 / 2019 / processori i3 quad-core 3.6 GHz, i5 6-core 3.0 GHz oppure i7 6-core 3.2 GHz. Rilasciato il 19 marzo 2019.

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What is best UPS battery for iMac 21.5 4k 2019

can someone provide link of best UPS to use with my iMac 21.5 4k 2019 with i7, 32gb ram and 512gb SSD.

also have one question, I was using 480W UPS and iMac was restarting very often and showed Kernel Panic. is it reason by not enough energy from UPS? run apple diagnostic and no errors was found but iMac still restarts.


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Most of the UPS vendors offer sizing guides so I would check with them to get the correctly sized UPS. Don’t forget there’s more than the system its self its all of the peripheral devices connected to the system which also needs to be added in.

OK, let’s drill down into why your system is failing with the 480 watt UPS. There are different issues which you can face just from your power lines!

  • Your outlet is not properly grounded and/or the cord is not!
  • Your buildings (home) breaker/fuse panel is not bonded to a proper earth ground.
  • Your power provider is not offering clean or correct voltage power or has transients that the UPS is unable to fix.

So get a simple outlet checker to test your outlets in the North America we have 120 Volts so this tester is what will work The Electrical Outlet Tester - How to use and why you should have it There are similar units for 220 outlets.

Going to your panel you should see a green cable exiting which is bonded to a metal water pipe or one or more grounding rods pressed into the ground. Make sure the physical connections are not corroded (clean metal to metal contact)

These tests can put you into harm so if you don’t have the skills and tools you should hire an electrician to test things!

  • Using a Ohm meter check the connections from the panel ground bus bar and the grounding point
  • Make sure the neutral side bus bar is correctly wired and both it and the ground bus bars meet your electrical code.
  • Make sure the circuit you are using is properly wired from the panel to the outlet (all three wires are present)

If you suspect the power is not clean you should be able to get the utility to plug in a line tester to monitor the power over a week or so. It can record power fluctuations as well as disruptions.

Otherwise your UPS could have an old battery or my not have the ability properly produce the needed 50~60 Hz sine-wave. Some units only offer a simple square-wave which won’t work for many computers (cheap units). Review the UPS spec sheet the cleaner the AC produced the better and review its ability to fill-in voids and shifting frequency.

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so you think grounding is problem? really my home isn’t grounded, just was reinstalling macos thought it was macos failure and imac turnd off restarted and showed Your computer restarted because of a problem during Macos instaling. few hours ago it worked fine, then turned off with this message. i’m trying fix this problem more than week can’t understand whats going on, i'm trying reinstall macos without UPS, directly from wall plug, grounded iMac power cable and waiting hope it will work, have stable 220V


@ramaz_ - Both your Mac and the UPS requires ground to work properly.

A MacBook Pro laptop is a bit different as it has a battery (mini UPS) built in! So power issues are not as dire, unlike a desktop or in this case an iMac.

Sounds like you have a date with a local electrician to fix your wiring.


finally discovered problem with my iMac, problem was RAM which bought from eBay, A-TECH 2x16gb, after macOS update system blocked this memory and caused iMac restarting, then removed Ram and installed original apple 2x4gb and now iMac works fine but 8gb isn't enough for me, can you recommend OWC RAM? will it work correctly? or can you provide link where I can buy RAM? thanks

there is link which memory I bought and please check


@ramaz_ The seller here is what we call a jobber. These folks buy product from many sources often re-label it with their branding or with someones that is looked at being reliable. So I would get your money back if you can.

I rarely buy anything off of Amazon or eBay as you don't know what you are getting.

Sticking with a major company like iFixit or OWC is better, but even they can get caught with bad product. They at least are here for the long haul and offer a product warranty! Your jobber could drift into the fog never to be found again.

I tend to buy RAM directly from the maker like Crucial and no not via Amazon or eBay as they are often knockoff's or 2nd's.


I taked apart iMac thousand times and was afraid about screen and other parts damage, never imagined that problem may be in RAM because of sellers description, really problem started after macOS update, before iMac worked fine, so will try buy from OWC or iFixit, hope it will work


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