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Refrigerators produced by Samsung.

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It's actually an LG lsxs26326s side by side

The fridge and freezer work fine, as well as the water spickett. The ice maker in the door will make ice and dump it into the bucket, but when you push the lever on the outside of the door, the auger won’t move and make ice come out of the shoot. The shoot door opens, but no spin in the machine lever to make the ice come out. The bar is down, there is plenty of ice and It sounds like a small motor is running, but nothing comes out. Is this a setting or an easy fix?

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I'll check it out. Thank you.


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Hi @chaseyoung14 ,

Don’t know about an easy fix as there may be a problem with the ice maker itself e.g. motor turning but auger isn’t perhaps.

Here’s the start of the ice maker tests from the service manual for the refrigerator (see p.18 thru to 21).

Note: If in doubt about whether the manual is for your model, see p.1 to verify that your model number is also shown.

Also perhaps run the full diagnostics test for the refrigerator and check if an error code 10 or 11 appears (see p.17 for description of code).

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