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Il Samsung Galaxy S9 si identifica per il suo numero modello: SM-G960XU. Lanciato nel marzo 2018, rappresentano una generazione della serie Samsung Galaxy S. Disponibile in Lilac Purple, Midnight Black e Coral Blue.

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New SIM can make but not receive calls

Recently switched carriers and with the new SIM my phone and make calls and send texts but it doesn't receive incoming calls or texts. Data works fine, have tried the SIM in another device with the same problem, so I know it is the SIM and not the phone. I'm wondering if it has to do with the SIM being on 5g, as someone suggested to me? But I don't understand why I would be able to make calls and send texts just fine.

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When data works fine, there is nothing wrong with the phone hardware. All possible errors are from settings or carrier issue.

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My husband spent an hour at their store yesterday and got no answers. Do you think it's just a faulty SIM or do you mean something in their settings and permissions that they need to enable?


@laynabobayna It's their network problem or bad SIM configuration mostly, there is very little that can be done user side.


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