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How long should the freezer/fridge stay warm after defrost?

Inglis Side-by-Side style Manufacture Date: 01-11. No icemaker/water dispenser installed. Mechanical timer auto defrost.

My freezer and fridge temps are all over the place. My freezer has been defrosting most items at least once a day (ice packs get melty even). It seems to be related to the defrost cycle which I am told runs every 9ish hours. My landlord cleaned out some ice from the coils,etc and replaced the defrost timer, but no change.

2-3 times a day… The freezer will rise to temps as high as 5C to +7C/44.6F and then take an average of 1.5 hours (sometimes bit longer, sometimes bit shorter) to lower down to -18C/0F and then it usually stays -21C/-4F for a little while.

During this time, the fridge also rapidly rises in temp up to 9C/48.2 (but has even been as high as 13C/55F) and overs around 6 to 7C (43-44.5F) for around 3.5 to 4 hours (sometimes little more or less) and then will get to the maximum safe temp of 4C and slowly drop til the average of about 1.5-2C (34.5-35.5F).

The fridge also rises fast when the door is open even briefly and I don’t hear the compressor kick back on like I have with other fridges. I know that is somewhat normal in summer, but it’s very fast, like from 2C all the way up to 9C and often takes hours to cool. This is using 3 styles of thermometer and getting about the same readings.

I think this is not normal operation. I know temps get can pretty high in defrost, but I’ve been reading the MAX freezer temp should be around 0C/32F and it should not stay there long. I also read the fridge should only be rising to about 4.5C/40 to maaaybe 7C/44.5F and only for a short time.

So! My question - How long should the freezer stay below -18C/0F after defrost? How high and how long should the fridge be warming up?

What would be reasonable to try next? Thermostat Assembly? Bimetal Defrost Thermostat? Damper assembly or fans? I know it’s hard to guess especially without looking at it, but I’m hoping someone has dealt with a similar problem and can help. :)

We are a small family and don’t always go through food very fast and it’s worrisome with milk products, meat, etc. Right now I’m borrowing fridge space but it can’t last!

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Hi @ohno89 ,

What is the make and model number of the refrigerator?

Check that the door seals are OK. Place a piece of paper between the door(s) and the door jamb and with the door closed, try to pull it out. It will come out with a bit of effort but it definitely shouldn't fall out by itself. Do this at various places around the door(s), on the top, bottom and both sides.

Check that the refrigerator condenser coils (you didn’t state the model so they can be either mounted on the back of the cabinet or under the compartments near the compressor unit) are clean and free from dust. If clogged with dust etc this will reduce the efficiency of the cooling system by not allowing the heat from the refrigerant flowing through it to escape more rapidly.

What was/is the ice build up like on the evaporator unit? If it is being defrosted correctly there will be very little between defrost cycles but if there is a defrost problem not all the ice may be melted during the defrost cycle and it will build up more over time. This may impact on the evaporator fan or reduce the efficiency of the cooling from the evap unit i.e. heat from the compartments needs to be absorbed by the refrigerant passing through the unit and then released outside in the condenser and if too much ice on the evap unit less heat will be absorbed so it takes longer to cool the compartments.

Is the compressor running hot to the touch or just warm?

Since you mentioned it I assume that there is a bi-metal defrost thermostat and not a thermistor which is used to signal the defrost temperature and is used to end the defrost cycle? If so here's how to test a bi-metal thermostat

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