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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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E100 error - Update Reaches 57% on Step 3 then Something Went Wrong

It was handed down to me, so as far as I know, it was never opened before. The seal seemed intact. I opened it myself and saw that it was filthy- lots of dead roaches and dust. I spent a while cleaning all the components, and there is a pretty considerable difference from what it was. The connections did not appear to be damaged, and I cleaned those as well.

I tried the offline update before I opened it up. I also did the remove everything option. I ended up plugging in the hard drive into my laptop and was looking through the error logs. I saw on a YouTube video that one particular line implied that there was an issue with the Blu-ray drive, but I did not the error logged in mine. I will update with what my hard drive log showed soon. I tried the offline update after opening and making sure that the connections were reseated.

The one concerning thing to me was that I was told that it was a 1tb Xbox but the hard drive included was 500gb. it is possible that they were mistaken, but maybe that must have been different after all and they did a good job reinserting the seal where it didn’t appear tampered with?

Or maybe the fact that it was super filthy in the first place implies that maybe something is damaged and I have to replace something else like a cable. I think the hard drive is fine because it has a lot of folders that look like it was from an original hard drive, but I never formatted a hard drive for an Xbox, so I wouldn’t know.

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Does it say 500GB/1TB anywhere on the console?

E100 is usually ODD update failure due to missing or mismatched drive. Check if the ODD is actually able to power on by inserting a disc into it, then check the SATA cables and connectors.

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