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Very slow charging after lightning port replacement


My lightning port was faulty(it wouldn’t ‘hold’ the cable, even the slightest of pulls would make it stop charging) so I decided to replace the lightning port.

After the replacement, the port is working fine i.e it can now ‘hold’ a cable (I can dangle it using the cable and it will still show as charging) however it took about 12 hours to charge to 50%.

I tried using a replacement battery to make sure the battery isn’t faulty and the result was the same (very slow charging speeds).

I’m not sure where I should be looking. I’ve opened the phone again and made sure all cables are properly connected.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you use a premium/OEM charge port? The X and above are picky when it comes to aftermarket ports although the most common issue I see is the phone will bootloop if you use anything other than an OEM port. And the port is connected properly to the board correct?

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It was an issue with the after market port. I bought a new one and everything's working as expected now :)


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As @hootonberg said, using an aftermarket or non-genuine charging port is likely the cause for this. Did you make sure to clean the inside of the previous charging port properly with some fine-tip tweezers? I’ve found too often a “loose” charger port as you’ve described (slight pulls or angle changes will prevent charging) is usually the result of dust buildup in the port.
Even when people have told me they’ve cleaned it out I still manage to retrieve copious amounts of dirt and lint from deep within the port and after maybe 2-3 minutes of proper digging, the original port works just dandy! Worth a shot to clean the old port but if it is absolutely clean and empty (looks same as the new one side by side) and still not working, it likely was damaged and you should try to find a higher quality replacement charging port. It will be able to charge at the same rate the device originally did.

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I forgot to mention this as well. About 90% of the charge port issues I see it's because of a buildup of pocket lint


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