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Guide di riparazione e informazione sullo smontaggio del MacBook Pro 16" rilasciato nel novembre 2019. Modello A2141, EMC 3347.

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MacBook Pro 16, 2019, left speaker started crackling

Left speaker started crackling on my 16” MacBook Pro. It sounds crazy.

I restarted macOS, installed last updates, went through macOS diagnostic (no issues found afterwards), reset NVRAM, nothing helps.

I don’t think its software issue, since it’s crackling even on startup screen sound. Mac still under warranty, but I’m not sure what’s going on. Maybe somebody faces this issue before

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I had the same problem, but Apple refused to replace it while under warranty. I could not get an answer as to why…. I am currently pursuing it as best I can with Apple, but they don’t seem to care much. And my warranty expired a week ago now.


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Not getting any errors running the onboard diagnostics doesn’t surprise me as the diagnostics can’t test the speakers as that is within the analog realm.

I would focus on the sound preferences, altering the balance control so you bias the sound to either the left or right speakers for testing to verify things.

If your system is still under warranty I would get it serviced by the seller (Apple) as the will replace the bad speakers and FYI Apple did have some issues with the speakers which it what your system is suffering. If you haven’t already you might want to get the AppleCare+ services ($$) so you have a service contract fo your system which will save you some money going forward.

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Thanks! Currently sound disappeared at all...


By the way, is it possible to detect water-inside problem with onboard diagnostic? I'm sure I didn't put any tee, coffee or water inside, but I've spent one day in high level of humidity area. Lots of people are using macbooks in south asia, and logicaly it should not be a problem, but my previous macbook pro 2017 dead after three days stay at the home near a waterfall in Thai jungles, so I'm starting to thing it can be a problem for all new macbooks, and if it truth, macbooks will lose any meaning for me since I travel a lot.


Thai jungles! Did you find a lost temple?

Yes there are liquid markers inside and no the onboard diagnostics can't directly tell of moisture damage, it often will report damaged circuits from corrosion damage which is the what you don't want to see.


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