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Rebooting loop and battery does not increase

So earlier today my phone would not power on, Not even the dead battery screen would not show so i tried force restarting but it did not work so i plugged it in and it put the apple logo in a loop so the apple logo would go on for a couple seconds and would power off again and would do the same thing over an over and it turns on after 3 hours and then goes back to the loop and the first time it turned on it would say its plugged in and it would not increase my battery. So i decided to force restart it and it would not work i’m gonna try to use reiboot when my MacBook comes in the mail if there is any other way i could get it fixed, if that does not work please let me know have good day :)

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It sounds like your iPhone battery is dead, to the point where it can’t be charged. When an iPhone’s battery is completely dead and a charger is plugged in, an apple logo should show however the iPhone will not have enough power to boot, causing it to restart. A battery replacement should fix it.

However, if a battery does not fix it, was it ever water damaged? It may have a motherboard issue if it was water damaged. Hope this helps!

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