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Super glue for iPhone 8 back glass

The back glass is lifting off my iPhone 8 at the bottom, and I don’t want/need to replace it. Will it cause any issues if I use super glue around the edge? I don’t care about water resistance. If super glue is a bad idea, are there any other viable options?

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Yeah super glue should be fine as long as it’s only coming up in one section. You won’t have to worry about getting the alignment wrong and then it’s super-glued down…
If the glass does break at any point and you want to replace it, you will have a hard time removing the pieces of glass directly glued onto the frame from your super glue.

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Superglue is probably weaker than whatever uberglue apple currently use for their back panels...


@hihellhi Oh for sure. I have to use a massive friggin lazer machine to remove the genuine Apple backglass within a reasonable timeframe if its simply cracked and only cosmetically damaged... I miss the days of simply popping off the plastic back panel on your phone and taking out the battery to get to the sim card !! Priorities have changed.


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