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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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When booting up screen goes black and continues normally


I got a MacBook Pro 17 inch of eBay. When booting up this MacBook Pro, it goes 3/4 of the progress bar, the screen than turns black and than shows the regular login screen.

Is there a problem with the GPU logic or this normal as the graphics are changing between dedicated and integrated? Both GPU’s have no problems as I checked by watching videos and doing browsing.

Update (07/17/2021)

Here is a video of my MacBook Pro booting up

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What is the OS-X version you are running on the system. Your system may need a firmware update.


It is running high sierra 10.13.6. It also is missing the apple hardware test. It gives me error -3403D


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The older Core2Duo Mac’s will do this, nothing you can do to change the short wink out.

As far as the onboard diags I feared that would be the case Apple did you a favor (NOT) when they updated the firmware with High Sierra they killed the onboard diagnostics services! One step forward, two steps back!

I would give the internals a good clean of the dust build up and monitor the thermals using a good monitoring app like TG Pro

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It is actually the mid 2010 17 inch with 2.53 ghz i5 processer @danj


One more question. I use Mac Fan Control to cool my thermals down. I cannot see the temperature for the Nvidia GPU or the Intel GPU. Is there a software issue?


@Krishay P - Give TG Pro a try it will show the GPU sensors.


@danj I have another question. On Mac Fan Control it says my Platform Controller Hub Die is 59-61 Celsius. What is the Platform Hub Controller Die and is the temperature concerning?


@Krishay P - Most people just call it the PCH chip. This is the traffic cop of your system sending the data in and out of the CPU and other input/output devices.

I really don't like Mac Fan Control as it doesn't let you see things in a good visual frame work which is why I prefer TG Pro. If that was the only high temp then that would be a concern. But I doubt that is the case!

You likely have other sensors also running high. But without seeing the full picture it is a pointless data point.


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