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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Knocking noise momentarily in spin cycle cause?

I just bought a second hand whirlpool duet stackable washer wfw94heac0 is the model of the washer. The first time I ran a wash cycle I got this loud ticking/knocking noise during a brief moment on acceleration and a brief moment on slow down, about a minute total. From what I have read it sounds like maybe bad bearings but I have no idea. It only does it at certain points in the spin. Never when spinning slow or never at full speed. I took off the back and the noise is clearly coming from dead center underneath the motor and what I think says rotor assembly. Can anyone confirm that's a bearing issue? Or any idea as to what else it possibly could be? Again we just got it and transported it. I totally forgot about the 4 bolts and never put them in. Also it slipped out of my dad's hand when lifting and fell a foot or 2 (so that's great!) It spins fine but I've hit a dead end and really don't want to take any more apart if I don't have to. So far I have the back, top, and motor removed.

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The bearing would be noticeable when spinning the tub by hand. If you spin the tub by hand and feel no real resistance or noise then that’s a good sign. The inner tub should stay in round as you spin the basket. Find a point of the tub to keep an eye on and as you spin it the tub should not move up or down but rather stay even the whole time. I would also say that if it were the bearing then during the whole spin cycle you should be hearing it basically roar at you. I would take the back panel off and look at the shock absorbers and make sure they are not broken. I would also take the top off and make sure the suspension springs are in place and not broken either.
Sounds to me like a shock absorber broke during transport.
Type your model number into for a exploded view of your parts and that can show you exactly where they are and what to look for.

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