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Lanciato il 20 settembre, il telefono di punta di Apple per il 2019 ha display OLED da 5,8", tripla fotocamera posteriore e autonomia molto migliorata. È il successore dell'iPhone XS.

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Swapping Memory chip and CPU = iCloud unlock?

Hello, I am thinking of building my own iPhone 11 Pro with an iCloud locked logic board.

I have the experience in reballing everything. I know face-id and stuff won’t work bla bla bla.

I just wanted to ask would removing the CPU and memory chip remove iCloud lock and would this work?! And would I need to remove anything else.

Thanks, JJ .NOTE

I’m still new to this so if the question seems a bit all over the place then sorry lol ?

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hello That’s Interesting,

cpu and baseband - the rest can be reprogrammed


Cool ok do you know where I can find a reprogrammer?


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hello That’s Interesting,

You need to replace the main processor and the communication processor. The rest of the systems can be reprogrammed. If you have a set of face.ID devices for the set you are moving - you will get this functionality as well. For programming You need a lighting cable, Alex's service cable and an Apple computer and specific software. Alternatively: a lighting cable and windows PC and software - in this case you will need to change WiFi ic as well (tied to the processor by internal software). There is also a dilemma: will both motherboards, their equipment, soldering equipment you need to use for it and hours of work, in total be lower price than buying a used 11pro in good condition? I will not mention the precision of the work - it is quite a difficult task for a person with little experience with this type of motherboards.

Anyway, I keep my fingers crossed :-), regards.

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Hi, tojaert

here in the UK yes the price will be lower. Buying and Icloud locked pro max board is around £50 ($55) and the rest of the parts are history. (There cheap too) I have added it all up and its about £200 ($215.49) compared to £500. To be honest I don't really care if this goes all wrong as If this goes all wrong just needed to know what to remove and swap. I am looking into reprogrammers for the CPU but do I have to reprogram the communication thingy? and could you please send me a link to alex's software as I have both a windows 10 PC and a Macbook Pro.


you got it wrong: you need to solder the unlocked cpu (with or without RAM - depends on you) and bb_cpu from the damaged (unlocked) motherboard to the previously prepared motherboard with blocked iCloud. WiFi is also signed to the CPU, so you have to reprogram it or move it along with the CPU and BB_CPU from the unlocked motherboard. Anyway, you will have a lot of soldering and reballing works :-) but it is possible. There are also many threats along the way, but you wrote that you can reball everything - so I don't see any problem.

You need a service cable (Alex cable - you can find it on eBay - "DCSD Alex cable for iPhone serial engineering cable"). On the Internet you will find instructions on how to use it - by the way, you will learn a lot of false myths, you need to sift a lot of this nonsense and focus on ...


... important functions. The cool thing is that at this stage you have the option to create phone capacity freely. Nothing limits you ... (well, except for money) pro11 accepts nand 64 bit memory chips up to 1 TB (in this case you need a nand programmer P11F from to copy the contents of the original nand chip -if you choose to use original nand from the same motherboard as cpu and bb_cpu it is not needed).

On the other hand, if you buy a nand programmer, you don't need an Alex cable. You can to do all of this in several ways, it all depends on what you know, what you can do and what you can learn.

regards from Poland/EU -

PS, is it so hot in the UK too?


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