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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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Ps4 stuck in safe mode

My PS4 was working just fine until I turned it off one day, came back the next day to turn it on and a black screen showed up saying it was in safe mode & to press the home button on my controller.. however, my controller wouldn’t connect. I unplugged everything, restarted the ps4, bought a new USB cord, reset my controller, literally tried everything.. my PS4 is stuck in safe mode and my controller will not connect, I tried 2 different controllers and neither of them connect, they blink blue for a few seconds then turn off, I know the USB is good because when I hook it up to the controller it shows that it is charging, but I can’t get anything to connect and I can’t get out of the safe mode screen.. I’m at the end of the road and have no idea how to fix this.. is there anyone that can help?!?!? Thank you

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My guess is that your HDD could be faulty since the console was working fine the other day and now its not. Try replacing the internal HDD and doing a system reinstallation. Here’s a vid to help you out:

Also, for the controller not connecting part. Try connecting your USB cable to your PC and your phone and try accessing your phones folders. Alternative to this you could connect your controller to PC via the cable and go to this website:

And check if its generating input. If you cannot do that then its a USB only meant for charging and you would require another cable that will get you to transfer data over it. If you can access the files on your phone then your USB cable is good and the problem lies with your console (could be a faulty HDD as mentioned above or something else).

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