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No backlight on Samsung UN32F5500, suspect power board

Found TV on the side of the road and decided it would be a fun project. TV powers on, but no display. Moving the jog controller causes noises that are consistent with volume control and menu functions. Shining a light on the screen shows some text moving around the screen, so the LCDs are working. Looks like the backlight is dead. Testing the voltage at the connector to the LEDs, I read roughly 200V on 1 of the 5 lines, and roughly 0V on the rest. Looking at videos, it sounds like I should be seeing 200V across all of the lines, which makes me suspect the power board is faulty. I get the same readings with the LED cable connected and disconnected. Before I spend $30 replacing the power board, can someone give be confidence that it really is the power board and not the LED strips? I’m surprised to see one line correct and the others faulty; I would have expected it to be more all-or-nothing. Happy to provide more details if it helps.

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Hi @templedf ,

Disconnect the power from the TV and then disconnect the cable between the mainboard and the power board at the power board end.

Reconnect the power to the TV.

The TV backights should turn on and stay on.

If they don’t or if they blink, measure the voltage between each of the +VLED power leads on the power board and an earth, (a screwhead perhaps)

If the voltage is > 230V then there is a problem with the LED strips or the connection to them.

Also measure the voltages at the mainboard cable connector on the power board (now vacant) to see if they are as shown on the power board near the connector.

If these voltages are OK and the backlight power voltage is OK then the power board will probably be OK

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