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green effect on screen and no display when you use a remote

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when you turn on the lcd tv, it starts in green effect like a ofg, but not moving

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What is the model number of the TV?

Does it work OK when using the TV's control buttons and not the remote control?

Post some images of the problem to better show what you mean. Here's how to do this on Ifixit Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda



@jayeff Hi there, sorry I didn't remember the Lcd tv model, but when I came home I got to take a picture of it and post here.

Well the tv control button is working but you cant see what's happening in the screen, also for the remote.

The green was I'm talking about on display was not the typical color green, its just like an aurora wave but not moving. Do you get it, I also take that picture.


@Gerome Romualdo

If it looks a bit like a negative picture then it could be solarization of the screen.

Hopefully an image of the problem will help to better understand what is happening.

Can you see the TV menu screens OK?

If you can but if there are no pictures from the normal signal input source then try a different input source e.g dvd player and check the images from it.


Gerome Romualdo do you have audio or is that gone as well?


@oldturkey03 yes the audio is present, only the green effect appear, but no setting display


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It looks like more than one problem.

Try the following:

Disconnect the power from the TV, remove the back cover and then disconnect the cable that goes from the mainboard to the power board at the power board end.

Reconnect the power to the TV.

The screen backlights should all turn on full and stay on. There will be no picture because the mainboard is disconnected.

If they don’t all turn on or if the blink then you have a problem with the backlight LEDs or the connection to them.

That may be one problem which needs to be sorted first.

The next problem is with the lack of a picture.

Also with the mainboard still disconnected from the power board, measure the voltages on the power board connector where the mainboard cable was connected to (now vacant). The voltage values should be printed on the board near the connector.

Be safety aware if you do this as there is exposed lethal AC voltage on the power board near to where you’re testing. If you don’t know how to test safely when AC voltage is present then don’t do it! Remember to disconnect the power from the TV before touching anything in the back of the TV except if you are testing

If the voltages are OK then the power board is OK and the problem may be in the tcon or the mainboard. Further testing would be required. If there is no audio either then more likely it is the mainboard.

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Thanks for this helpful tips. I think I need to junk this unit. Lol


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Gerome Romualdo  that really looks like a bad panel. You got all kinds of errors on it i.e. multiple horizontal lines, failed LCD’s Looks like backlight issues as well. Go ahead and pull the back cover of your TV and let us see the boards that you can see. Your LCD panel looks more like a failed driver board which is part of the LCD display and thus cannot be changed by the DIY’er.

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Thanks for your help. Hoping this comment help others too.


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