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iPhone di quarta generazione. La riparazione è semplice, ma il vetro anteriore e l'LCD andranno sostituiti insieme. GSM / 8, 16, or 32 GB di memoria / Modello A1332 / Nero e Bianco.

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silent switch doesn't do anything, always silent

Hi gurus!

My girlfriend's iPhone 4 has a silent switch that doesn't work. She can listen to music through headphones and it also plays through the speaker.

When the phone rings, it only vibrates.

Flicking the 'silent switch' does nothing - I'm assuming the phone is locked in silent mode. When I flick the switch on my iPhone the screen lights with a bell crossed out or a bell showing that it's either silent or not. On her screen, nothing happens.

What should she do? Anything I can do?



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I have the same problem. could you fix it?


Not so far.


XicoSolutions, the speaker works for songs etc., the headphone jack also works. There has been no water damage.

The switch is unresponsive and the phone is always "silent with vibration only".

So it's a dock that needs replacing?


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Oh, I mis-read sorry.

A few things to test:

1) Do you get sound when you play something with sound? A song, YouTube, etc?

2) Does the headphone jack work?

3) Has there been any water damage to the phone?

4) If you do not get any sound, your dock needs to be replaced.

5) You may also need to replace your power/headphone/mute harness.

Dock and harness should run you about $30, and an hours worth of time.

Hope this helps,

Xico Solutions

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You need the process of turning of the silent or ringer mood turning on or off

Please remember these steps

1. There is a volume control switch at top left side of iPhone. Above that switch, there you can see another switch.

2. If you want to turn the silent mood off, then slice the button downward

3. If you want to turn on the silent mood, then slice up this button.

4. If the vibration mood is on, the phone will vibrate also while turn on the silent mode.

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