Tv end power terminal makes blust sound

When power plug is connected to tv, tv makes a sound like blust. How it may be solved?

Tv model is Samsung N7410. The buzz is on the tv. Power plug is ok. The tv runs with the sound. There is no other problem.

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What is the model number of the TV?

Is the TV turning on by itself when the power plug is connected and the sounds occurs?

Is the TV working OK after this happens?


MOHAMMAD SAIFUL ISLAM what exact model is your TV? Explain this "tv makes a sound like blust" in more detail. What exact sound is this? When does it make this sound? Does your TV work at all?

The more detail you can give us the greater the chance for you to receive a good answer.


Model: 43N7410

Sound details: sound like blust when power cords contact. Or short circuit, sonething like that.

Condition: The tv works, yet the problem



Is the sound coming from the TV or from the power outlet that you're plugging into?

If plugging into a power board (powerstrip) have you tried plugging directly into a power outlet or tried a different power outlet?


The sound is originated at the power end of the tv not at the plug.


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