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The picture didn't come on right away

Ok I have a samsung model code is UN58J5190AFXZA for some reason my grandson was playing Playstation 4 and when he was done he wanted to watch TV so all I did was change the tv from HDMI2 TO HDMI1 which is my satellite the picture didn't come on right away it took about 10 seconds then it came on for about 2minutes and went off just like someone turned the TV off but no one did I tried to turn the TV back on the led light was flashing but then I did the reset of unplugging the power holding the power button on the back for 30 seconds and now no light. I took the back off plug the power back in and I have about 24 volts on both sides of the slow blow fuse. Not sure if that's what is suppose to be there or if it is suppose to more or less.but my tv won't turn on.

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Hi @

What is the AC voltage at the fuse FP8015 (if this is the one you meant) as the meter may have given an incorrect reading if measuring for DC volts as there are none there?

Be safety aware as it should be lethal AC supply voltage value

Try the following:

Disconnect the power from the TV.

Remove the back cover from the TV and then disconnect the cable between the mainboard and the power board.

Reconnect the power to the TV.

The TV backlights should turn on full intensity and stay on. There will be no picture because the mnainboard is disconnected

If they don't come on or if they blink then there is a problem with either the power board or the LED backlights.

If they come on and stay on, measure the DC voltages at the connector on the power board where the mainboard cable was connected to and make sure that they’re all OK

Measure between an earth point (screwhead on power board) and the pin. The voltage values should be marked on the power board near to the connector.

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Ok I did that and there is no lights at all.


And that was the AC voltage on both sides of the slow blow fuse.


And it probably is a false reading seems how my meter is an antique with a needle. Lol


Don't laugh at antique analogue meters. I have been using one for 40+ years and it is still as accurate as ever.

Did you measure between the fuse and an earth point on the power board?

Use the Ohmmeter function of the meter (if it has one - don't forget to zero set the meter when in Ohms mode) and check the power cord wires for continuity from the plug to where they connect to the power board.

24V AC is obviously far too low assuming that the supply is either 120V AC or 220-240V AC


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