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Washed out display and banding around screen

Ive got a samsung ln40a550p3f with the same issue . Have replaced the t con board which has not solved the issue . I did notice one of the capacitors on the power board to be bulging . Would this cause this issue ?

Update (06/20/2021)

Block Image

Block Image

Hi , I hope these images came through . Couldn’t figure out how to post them .

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The picture in the center is much improved with the new t-con but this weird band has appeared .


@pickles23 you did not have that band before you changed the T-Con board? Where did you get the board from?


No it had no band around it before just some solarization issues . Thinking maybe the T-con or the capacitor is at fault . Got it on aliexpress so who knows the quality . Did find out the model number for the power board . BN44-00197A .


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lennxo we really would need to see what your screen display looks like. The washed out look commonly is cause by the T-Con board whereas banding around the screen is not a typical error. Also, we need to see the board with the bulging cap etc. Yes, you always want to change those since it is possible that it is the cause or at least a second error

Update (06/20/2021)

@pickles23 yes your pictures came through. Please repost the one of your power board. It is really blurry and difficult to make out. The general area of what you marked etc. makes it possible that this is one of your causes. Post images of your other boards as well. That way we know what you got going on board wise.

I should have added this Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda arlier which would have made it easier for you.

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