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This is the device page for the Samsung Galaxy J7. The OS that comes stock to the device is Android OS v5.1.

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How do I replace the battery in this phone

I have a Samsung J737A (2018) smartphone. I have tried to replace the battery in this phone to no avail. The phone pictured here looks nothing like my phone, the camera and flash are on top one one another and nothing else on the back of my phone. There is a slot on the left side phone facing down and I have used everything from a flat blade screwdriver to a butter knife to the point where the slot has become damaged. Help would greatly appreciated. I have to charge my phone every night in order to keep charged during the day.

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Here’s a video that shows how to replace the battery in your phone.

The battery can be seen being taken out from 2:40 minutes into the video.

Replacement batteries are available online. Just search for EB-BG610ABA to get results for suppliers that suit you best. (verify the battery model number with what is printed on the battery in the phone before ordering).

Ifixit has the Essential Electronics Toolkit and iOpener (click on Tool only) which will help with the repair

Immagine iOpener




Immagine Essential Electronics Toolkit


Essential Electronics Toolkit


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If it’s one of the newer phones in this line, then the way to take out the battery is buy opening the phone with special tool set. Depending on how experience you are and/or confident, it’s not that bad a procedure. The first generation of this phone, the battery was removable, but now are sealed unibody.

Hope that helps.

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