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TV turns on, no picture, but has sound.

It turns on and off every 10 seconds most of the time. If it does stay on, it does have sound. The leds do turn on. I do not get a faint picture when I shine a flashlight . When I unplug the main board connection with the power supply, there is no standby light and does not turn on. All the cables and boards seems fine on based on visual inspection.

I replaced the T-con board and the same problems occur.

I did try to check the voltage on the main board, three of the pins were supposed to be 12V and I got 17V.

The is a piece of I think melted plastic on the power supply board, in the middle of the attached picture (don't know if that means anything).

Block Image

Do you think the issue is with the power supply board, main board, or something else?

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Hi @cwwww ,

What is the model number of the TV?

Not sure if you meant that the screen backlights turned on and stayed on when the mainboard cable was disconnected from the power board or not. They should. There will be no images on the screen as the mainboard is disconnected

There will be no red standby power LED when the mainboard is disconnected as it turns on the LED when the standby voltage is present from the power board indicating that power is available.

If the backlights stay on with the mainboard cable disconnected from the power board, check the voltage at the connector pins on the power board where the mainboard cable was connected to. The power board is turned full on power when the main board is disconnected.

If the voltages are as indicated on the power board near the connector then the problem may be the mainboard.

If the backlights blink or don’t stay on then there is a power board or LED array problem

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