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Whirlpool french door bottlm freezer not making any noise a

My whirlpool french door bottom freezer had its control board replaced and now will not stay running i have to switch the breaker off an on to get it to start putting out air. It then stops and the fridge and freezer are not reaching temp. Also not making any noise. Control panel is on set to highest settings and it isnt even close. Tired of this its cost me over $500 in food loss the pst two weeks alone. The freezer is not iced up in the back, the fridge is barely cool after it runs when the breaker is flipped off and on it runs maybe 15 minutes. Then is silent. Please help obviously the repair guy is an idiot

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Hi @mrsjareth,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

How long does the compressor run for before it stops and won't start again, unless you reset the breaker?


I would check the thermostat. Find the end of the temperature probe, and hold it with your hand to warm up. See if that does anything. Check with multimeter to see if voltage is coming out of it to activate the compressor


@mrsjareth you mentioned that "now will not stay running" that suggest it did keep running with the previous control board. Is is correct that those symptoms just started with the new control board? What Model is your fridge?


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There could be may causes for this. You have eliminated the technician and maybe the control board.

The frig won’t cool if the freezer does not. So forget the frig thermistor or control.

Not making any noise means the compressor is stopped. The compressor will stop if the freezer gets down to temp or the control thinks it is there. That would indicate a bad sensor or connection, or control.

The compressor may also stop if there is a problem in the compressor system like too high or too low a pressure. Resetting by unplugging right after the compressor stops would result in it not restarting until a 3-5 min timeout has passed. All AC systems do this because the compressor cannot overcome the line pressure on startup and it would burn out the compressor motor. If it restarts immediately, you may still have a control board issue.

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