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Samsung UE48H6400AK shadows on the screen

Hi All,

I have few years old Samsung TV UE48H6400AK. There are multiple issues with the screen… There is one bright spot, there are few dark shadows and there are purple shadows. Is there any way to fix this screen or is it time to get a new TV? There is the latest firmware installed and I did a factory reset before I took the pictures. Please help.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @szymon ,

Looks like some of the diffusers may have lifted and shifted so that the light from the individual backlight LEDs on the LED strips in the panel is not being spread evenly. This shows as a bright spot when it has moved totally away from over the LED.

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Hi jayeff

Thanks for the quick answer, is there any way to fix this? Is it possible to reposition those on my TV? I think it will be a bit different than the TV on the video?



Like the video shows you glue them back into place.

I've only done 1 TV myself (also a Samsung) and it was like what is shown on the video.

What makes you think that your TV is different?

Looking online at the LED strips themselves, they look no different so presumably the diffusion method will be similar.

The only way to know is to dis-assemble the screen and check.


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