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Guide di riparazione e smontaggio per dispositivi per raffreddare il cibo, che include frigoriferi, freezer e frigo-congelatori.

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My refrigerator/freezer not cool

My Kenmore Elite 795.73167.610 refrigerator (temp set to 36) and freezer (temp set to -1) last week freezer started to unthaw and then my fridge temp started to go up to 50 so I pulled all food out. The following morning the temp was fairly close to set temp and the only thing we did was wipe off the coils and turn off the ice maker. I turned the ice maker back on the next day and it sent my fridge temp back up to the 50s again (put a thermometer inside the fridge). This “maybe" under warranty so has to be serviced by Sears only and the earliest they can come is 5 weeks out so wondering if anyone has dealt with this and what the issue/fix may have been?

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Is the fridge fan (which blows the cooled air) blowing as it usually would?


Hi @fridgeissue2 ,

Is it only the refrigerator compartment where the temperature rises or also the freezer compartment?

Is the compressor operating when the temps are high again?


@teardowns101 I have taken the back off and the fan is running


@jayeff both seem to cool (mainly early morning the temp seems close to the set temps for both) and then warm throughout the day currently the fridge is at 50 and the freezer isn't freezing water

Compressor is running (can hear and vibrating on touch)


Hi @fridgeissue2 ,

When you say that “I have taken the back off and the fan is running", do you mean the evaporator fan (near the evaporator unit) which is located behind a panel on the inside at the back of the freezer compartment? (access is through the door at the front)

If so as the compressor is running how cold does the evaporator unit feel? Be careful if you go to touch it as it should be icy cold i.e. 0° F


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This is a LG built Kenmore. You have a bad compressor without a doubt. Have warranty fix it, should have a warranty on the compressor. I rebuild 3-4 of these a day. The compressor has been updated and its issues fixed at least for now but you can look up LG and their compressors and see what type of problems they have had.

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