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The Wi-Fi only version of Apple's iPad 6, released in March 2018. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options. Features a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A10 fusion chip.

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iPad suddenly shut down and never turned on ever again.

Hi! I made an account just to find some help for this.

I was using my iPad, everything was completely fine until I pressed an app to open a game, and the screen suddenly went black. at first I thought the app had just crashed, which does happens from time to time, but it has not turned on ever since.

I have tried holding down both the power + home button for over a minute; nothing. not even the apple logo or charging symbol… :C

  • the battery was at least over 60% when it shut down, there hasn’t been any previous issues with battery or anything else if I can recall… but I’ve probably overcharged it a few times in the past.
  • nothing pops up if I connect it to a laptop, I cannot put it in recovery mode or backup the device through iTunes…
  • when charging, the device still produces heat… I can also hear white noise coming from it, as if it’s still running.
  • I have charged it for well over 24 hours, still nothing. (is it possible I’m just preserving its dead corpse…) i’ve unplugged it as of now.

why has this happened? This iPad has been functioning perfectly fine for the past 2 years until this. I don’t recall ever dropping it. is it a problem with the screen or software? have I lost everything? D: i want to do everything short of taking it to the store to get it repaired.

please, please help. thank you.

update: The device was taken to a few places to see if it could be fixed, but in the end, no luck.

It was recommended that instead of repairing it, because apparently it might end up in having to perform regular follow up repairs to maintain the iPad’s lifespan, that we just purchase a new one. Fortunately, i still have a backup of this device on iTunes for if i can get a new one sometime in the future.







just want to vent about the situation because i am simply compelled to overshare on the internet.

it just frustrates me that after months, i still have no idea what possibly could have caused this, especially since there were absolutely no warning signs or issues with it at all. Working perfectly fine for 2 years and then in a second, literally stops working forever. so awesome.

maybe i haven’t looked hard enough but Google has given me no answers. The only semblance of a reason I could find was that I was told Apple products just do this…? Seems most with a similar issue have gotten it fixed by just charging or the force restart method but just wish i could know what caused this so I can prevent it from happening again.

This had seriously majorly inconvenienced me for a while because i am an artist and this device was an ideal, portable tool for all my digital work, but all of a sudden, art i had been working on for hours, days can no longer be accessed or seen ever again. I had to delay re-opening commissions. i re-learned how to use a mouse, though.

Also maybe this is more personal but whatever nobody is going to read this. my interest in video games is minimal, since i’m not very good at them. but only one game, Cookie Run Ovenbreak was a rare exception. Oftentimes, i encounter media that i enjoy but i get bored very quickly. i had grinded the game daily for 2 years straight with the exception of like, a month. so it was very dear to me.

Just a very cute, simply easy, mobile game, but it brought me great joy and comfort. so naturally, losing access to my account and not being able to play it had destroyed me emotionally for like, 4 of those months, LOL. Luckily, i discovered, after all that time, that i was able to retrieve my account from a different game of the same franchise, Cookie Run: Kingdom. So i play it on Bluestacks now. it’s great that i still have that. (the login/transfer systems are different. there’s a chance with the Ovenbreak account that if i log in wrong, i could lose all data on the account. hmm.)

that’s all. still makes me a little sad to think about but whatever. maybe i should not depend on electronics so much.

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Does your PC or mac recognise it?


@imicrosoldering no,, as stated... but it still heats up or "charges" if i connect it to my laptop.


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Hold the power button to turn it on, shine a flashlight on the screen - if you can vaguely see something on display then it would be a backlight problem, could be caused by LCD/diode/CPU, etc.

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I tried this and I couldn’t see anything on the display… but thank you anyway for the suggestion :)


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