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Modello A2115 / 2019 / processori da i5 6-core 3.0 GHz a i9 8-core 3.6 GHz. Rilasciato il 19 marzo 2019.

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Removal Fusion Drive, Bootcamp


I have read some other answers but I have not found what interests me.

I’m considering purchasing a 2019 5k iMac which is provided to me by Apple as refurbished which has a 2TB Fusion Drive.

I would like to remove the Fusion Drive and install 2 SSDs:

  • The first by removing the mechanical disk and using a 1Tb Samsung Evo SSD
  • The second by removing the PCIe SSD (which I believe is 32Gb) with a 1Tb Samsung Evo SSD + Apple Adapter

Once this is done I would like to install Mac OS X on the PCIe SSD disk and using a 50% of the SATA disk install Bootcamp with Windows 10.

Is it possible to do this?

Thanks in advance.

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Sadly no,

BootCamp needs to be part of the Boot drive in your case the PCIe/NVMe drive. While Windows needs to be loaded from that drive you can use your other drive (NTFS or exFAT volume) to hold your Windows apps and stuff.

As far as using an adapter to support a M.2 SSD I really don’t recommend doing it. While it will appear to work just fine for awhile over time they breakdown as Apple has a few other lines to the SSD unit that these M.2 SSD’s don’t deal with. I’ve pulled out quite a few! With lots of folks crying between the cost ofd still doing it again and the loss of work!

Best to stick with either the Apple custom SSD’s or use the OWC SSD which is designed to work from the ground up!

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Hi, By OWC SSD you mean: OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD?

For Bootcamp, I have a single disk in my iMac Late 2013, but on the MacBook Pro 13 I have 2 SSD disks and one is dedicated exclusively to Mac OS and the other exclusively for Windows 10 and it works great; I just wanted to know if it was feasible to do it here too.

Thank you.


@antwal - Yes the Aura Pro X2 SSD

BootCamp is an odd duck! It needs macOS as it sits within it! It allows you to transfer data between the OS's like cut and paste.

You also can do a dual boot setup which I suspect you did with your MacBook Pro. In that case each drive is dedicated to the given OS macOS and the other Windows. But thats not a setup for BootCamp! You can't do a cut and paste between the OS's without first saving it as a file and then placing it on a volume the other OS can access.

There are a few other ways like using a VM to run Windows within and run multiple other OS's as well like Linux.


Hi, yes in my macbook pro, the bootcamp configuration is the same as the imac. On bootcamp Windows 10 no longer allows you to see the Apple partition and on MacOS it has read-only Windows disk. If I remember correctly Windows 10 creates a folder inside the MacOS EFI partition, in both cases both as a partition and as a disk. Thanks,


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