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Modello A1286. Lanciato nel febbraio 2011 / processori quad-core Intel Core i7 da 2,0, 2,2 o 2,3 GHz

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Mid-2012 Logic board in Early or late 2011 top case?

Hi there!! I recently rescued an early-2011 15” MacBook Pro that was going to landfill because of Apple.. Excuse me, GPU failure!

It will boot sometimes but most of the time, I’d get the traditional white screen of death.

I DID try to disable the dGPU by following Dosdude’s tutorial, however, it did not work at all. I’m now looking into the possibility of finding a mid-2012 15” logic board to put in it. I would assume that it’s going to fit since the top cases are identical. However, knowing Apple’s tendency to EVER SO SLIGHTLY modify components, making it impossible to swap parts from one model year to the next, I figured I’d come here and ask first!!

Thanks in advance, I have trust in you, fellow iFixers!

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I’m banging on a converted Late 2011 which now has a 2012 logic board! It’s quite doable as a direct drop-in.

There is one slight alteration you’ll need to do as the logic board LVDS connector is slightly smaller in width. All you need is a nail file and carefully file the edges of the cable end as marked here

Block Image

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Wow! Thank you! I'll be trying it as soon as I get my hands on a logic board!


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