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Guides and repair information for Sony speakers.

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How do I replace the battery for my srs xb12 speaker?

i have two Sony SRS XB12 speakers. i’ve been using them together ( synced ) for about 2 months. they would usually last about 2 - 3 days before needed a charge. i had them both connected to be charged overnight. the next morning, only one of them was charged. the other one, would not even turn on. i tried switching the charge cables, no difference. if you try to turn it on, the charge light will blink 2 or 3 times and, that’s it.


thanks, chris g.

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I have had problems with the micro USB port. When charging the one that won’t turn on, check that the yellow charging light stays on showing it is charging/connected to an external power source. Sometimes I have found wiggling the cable helps to start it charging or, try a different cable.


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Hi @cgladish ,

Here’s a teardown video for the speaker.

The battery model number is SF-08.

Search online for SF-08 3.7v 1400mAH battery to get results for suppliers that suit you best

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