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Modello fine 2011, A1278 / processore i5 2,4 GHz o i7 2,8 GHz

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Screen backlight only half working

Over time my MacBook has been developing an issue, at first when I pressed the bottom area of the screen bezel it starts doing something I don’t really know how to describe, so I attached a photo, and the screen is noticeably dimmer. Currently I don’t have to do anything for it to happen, and even worse, sometimes it flickers, however the backlight never fully turns off. I tried running the laptop with the bottom off and pushing the display cable, but it didn’t do anything, so I’m assuming it’s something inside the display.

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You’ll need to do a bit more digging to isolate out what’s needs fixing.

Follow this guide Sostituzione schermo MacBook Pro 13" Unibody fine 2011 doing the first steps to disconnect the battery, then jump down to Step 14 carefully disconnecting the LVDS cable and inspect it and the logic board connector for corrosion

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The other end of the cable is a bit harder to get to as that too can face the same problem. At which point you would likely need a new display to fix it.

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