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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 8, 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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iPhone 3GS is restarting every 2 minutes, doesnt matter in any process

As mentioned in the head my iPhone 3GS is restarting every 2 or 3 minutes. I bought it as used from evilbay and was receiving it with guessed problems from an unlock operation. But after performing a complete unlock which was successful the problems stayed. First there is no wlan on the phone although there actually is one checked by several other devices (yes, the MAC-filter is open). Confusingly in the settings wlan can not be swithed on in the settings. Also the SIM-tray does not recognize the card so there is no GSM.

But whats really kicking me is that the 3GS is doing a restart every 2 or 3 minutes which cannot be influenced by any means.

The seller of the device was guessing that there might be some battery problems and gave a new battery with the phone. Thanxalot to ifixit ;) I replaced the old battery and hoped that all problems are gone... but they didnt.

So what do you guys think? Do I have to get used to severe hardware problems? Maybe the internal board is gone...? Can someone help me please...?

Apprecitiating your help! Love the site for years, it helped me with so much problem perfectly!

Kind regards


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Have you tried a good old fashioned hard reset?


buy another battery??


Hey, I have the same problem on my iphone 3GS,... but more problems, no wifi no bluetooth, no imei no iccid, tried everything to fix. its on old bootrom. phone made in 2009 37th week. restrts every 1-2 minutes. Currently on iOS 5.1 baseband 06.15. Was previously on 4.something, updated via ultrasn0w hoping it would fix, no respite. :[

Same issue. Let me know if any solution comes up


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We see this problem a lot.

Possible solutions:

1) Almost certainly, the battery installed is not the correct one. The 3G and 3GS have similar looking batteries, but vastly different components inside them. Please post the model on the battery, and I will tell you if it is correct.

2) If this is not the case, I would suggest swapping the dock out and seeing how it performs after.

Hope this helps,

Xico Solutions

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try to get it into DFU mode and do a full restore.

Have you opened it before? does anything look "wrong"?

Does it reboot or turn off?

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Okay guys, I ordered a new one. I will keep you informed about the details before weekend. I think it will be shipped by thursday.


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Thanx for your kind participance, guys ;)

Phillip, doin a hard reset the old way is pressing the power and home button a longer time, isnt it? Yes I did. I cant count how often I did...

Polly, the seller added a maybe new battery which I installed, but nothing became better.

Robert, I did several pawned restores with 4.3.3, but nothing changed. Inside the device nothing looked wrong. It seemed to me as if I was the first person who opened it.

Does anyone know if the 3GS is working with 4.3.3? Or should I try an older version? I read somewhere that it could work with the iPad baseband. Can I customize 4.3.3 with Pawnage...?

Thanxlot to you all for your help, you all know that youre the best ;)

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hi, I know the seller included a "new" battery but that doesn't mean it came out of the factory yesterday, it's probably as old as the one you replaced but just hasn't been used. Try another, really. I'd also think about removing apps/jb/background apps..sometimes these are the culprits, esp if phone boots and works then crashes. Only other option is a bit more painful.


Change your battery with a known new one like pollytintop suggest. Until you have a known good starting point, you are going to get ahead of yourself and will get lost in step at a time. Good Luck


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I just went through this. Only thing that helped was to reset all settings (which thankfully keeps the content!)

Settings->General->Reset->Reset All Settings

Apparently, this only works while the battery still has a charge (since the 3 min reboot is fairly power-hungry and will drain a phone)

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Check this:

100% reliable. Got my iphone fixed. Had the below issues: No Imei no ICCID no wifi no bluetooh and restart every 2 minutes

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