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A personal computer that resides in one location with its core components inside a case separate to third-party peripherals required for operation, such as a mouse, keyboard, and monitor.

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Gigabyte 2080 ti keeps crashing

Hi I've got a 2080 ti made by Gigabyte in a custom build ryzen 7 3rd gen motherboard gigabyte b450m b53h 2 8gb gskill royal silver ram modules an 850w thermaltake toughpower gf1 argb psu and a 500gb 2.5 western digital Scorpio black and a pioneer bd burner as it's specs I've tried all I can think of stabilised the drivers added a second pcie power cable but it still crashes it runs for about 5 to 10 minutes before the entire pc has a gui crash (graphical user interface crash) is there a way I can fix this or is it time to replace it

Update (02/25/2021)

Block Image

just found this on the card when doing a further inspection of it a few of those are shorting by the looks of it also some of you asked about drivers I'm running the latest stable rtx driver the others windows installed

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Please verify the motherboard model number as there seems to be only B450M DSH3 versions on the Gigabyte website unless the B53H motherboard has a different name e.g. gaming or aorus etc? (select All Chipsets > B450M to view all the available models]

Have you checked if the motherboard BIOS versions and chipset drivers are up to date? Just to eliminate them from the mix as we don't know what you've tried when you said "....I've tried all I can think of ....".


Sorry it is a b450m dsh3 I'm always getting my mobo' s model number wrong


I've just found the issue it's overheated and the solder on some diodes melted and now they are short circuiting as they are touching


@Pink Lightning Gaming

You didn't say whether the motherboard BIOS and chipset drivers were the latest? They are the same for all the B450M DSH3 versions.

As I said you have to eliminating things just to keep narrowing down to what the problem is.

If they're not the latest versions try the chipset drivers first as it is the easier to do and also may cause less potential problems than a BIOS update and also it is the interface between the CPU and the rest of the motherboard.

EDIT: I was writing this so I didn't see your last comment.

Overheating enough to cause solder to melt is not overheating it is excess current flow through the components themselves so don't be surprised if it fails again when you have removed the short circuit. Is this on the GPU card?


I've narrowed it down to the pcb as I've found shorting parts on there it appears the graphics card has overheated as the solders melted causing parts to connect


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The best thing to do as it seems to be a manufacturing fault is to find out if anyone else had the problem then go to gigabyte and say your card failed due to a manufacturing fault (you get a government given warranty for 6 months that you don’t have to prove it wasn’t your fault but after you do have to prove that) if they say no and keep refusing got to the consumer ombudsman or their alternative dispute resolution provider who is on your side. At least this is in the uk, you might want to check your consumer rights act if you are elsewhere.

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