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Are all the 15" Unibody displays the same?

Hello fellow Mac Nerds! I just bought a used Mid-2012 15” MacBook Pro for my mom on eBay, refurbished it and she’s very happy with it. However, there are dents and pretty deep scratches on the lid and even though she doesn’t really care about it, I’d like to make it perfect for her since that’s the only part that’s scratched, the rest is absolutely pristine. I’m seeing a lot of nice displays but they’re mostly from 2010 or 2011 MacBook Pros. Did all the unibody 15”s have the same display connector and the same amount of antennas in them?

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Simple answer, no!

Only the 2011 share the same display as the 2012 model.

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@danj Both 2011 models? Early and late?


Both 2011 models used the same display. There is one tricky issue as the LVDS cable connector is slightly different the 2011 display tang is a .025mm wider than the 2012 logic board connector. You'll need to take a nail fine to carefully file down the ends equally and squarely.


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