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Ps4 pro not updating to 8.03 from 7.00 (Error su421186).

Disk worked on my PS4 but I still get the error. Updating in safe mode doesn't work. Inserting disk doesn't work. Inserting disk in PS4 disk tray does open it up. Therefore the BD Rom should be communicating with the motherboard, right? Ps4 doesn't take any discs. No discs stuck inside. Can fire it up so it's not stuck in a boot loop. Also, can't find any tutorials about the ribbon on the ps4 pro.

Am on 7.00 updating to 8.03

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It appears to be a broken ribbon connector between your bd drive and motherboard I'd try replacing that

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Just be gentle with it mate I've busted one myself


Where's that ribbon though? All videos are for slims or normal ps4.


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