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Why is my laptop keep lagging and very slow? Sometimes blackscreen-1d

My laptop is Asus VivoBook S S510U

CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U, Memory 4 GB, HDD 1TB

Windows 10 (updated)

I have installed a few softwares on my laptop but even before I install the laptop already very lag since I bought the laptop. (since 2018)

For my laptop,

  1. need some time to on my laptop and sometimes will black screen for like 30 mins
  2. very lag especially using Microsoft related (Teams, Words, Excel)
  3. even worse when using google chrome + Microsoft teams
  4. cannot use multitab if not the whole screen will freeze
  5. sometimes will black screen for more than 1 day
  6. went to a computer shop to check but they said no problem
  7. I send my laptop to format almost every year still no use
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Hi @jas7

Things to check:

i). Have you checked that the drivers are up to date, especially the graphics drivers, you didn’t say?

ii). Check in Task Manager > Startup to see what programs are being loaded when the computer is first started. Not all are necessary for correct operation. If you are unsure what the program does, search online using the information in Startup to find out what it does and if it is necessary.

Sometimes programs are pre-loaded at Startup to make them open faster if and when you go to use them but if you don’t use them they are just using resources that slow down the system. You can easily disable them by right click on the entry and select disable. Then restart the laptop for it to come into effect and check. If no difference or a problem re-enable it the same way as it was disabled.

To find Task manager, right click on the Taskbar and select the link.

iii). Check in Event Viewer for any Critical, Error or Warning events that show up repeatedly which may be impacting on performance. Press the Win key + x key (both together) and find the Event Viewer link in the menu box that opens.

iv). If you have a 3rd party Anti-Virus program try turning it off for a short while and check if performance improves. if so it may need to be reset or even re-installed.

v). Having only 4GB of memory is now at the lower end of what needs to be installed for smooth operation in a Win 10 PC so maybe you should consider upgrading the memory. The laptop supports up to 16GB of ram (2 x 8GB). Here’s a link to a supplier It is only to give you an idea of the cost and the options.

There are videos on YouTube that show how to upgrade the ram in your laptop but I didn’t link any of them because the battery should be disconnected from the motherboard before doing this and none of them showed doing this.

There is always power at certain places on the motherboard, even though the laptop is off. The power button is not a power isolating button. It merely signals the user’s intentions to the BIOS/OS. If you slip when using tools etc you can cause electrical problems if the battery isn’t disconnected as soon as it is accessible after opening the laptop and before doing anything else.

Hopefully a start.

Update (02/25/2021)


It should give a breakdown in each category as to what the event ID and Source of the event is.

Click (or double click)on the entries to expand for the information. When you know which entry is the most troublesome, search online for ' Event ID (insert ID # and Source (insert source name)" to find out what is is and what the most likely cause is

Here's an image to show what to do. The red arrows show what to click on (or double click) and where the information is. You’ll soon get the hang of how to navigate through it.

I’ve chosen Event Error > Event ID2 as my example as this was the worst in my PC i.e. 10 reports in 7 days. Clicking on the entry showed the next image to the right where all these 10 events were itemized etc. So using this you would either search for “event ID2, source Kernel-event tracing” or better maybe is “PerfDiag Logger failed to start with the following error 0xC0000035” as it is more detailed.

In my case this is just because I have a really old PC (Win Vista era) that is not really compatible with Win 10 but it works so I can ignore this as it doesn’t impact on performance but your errors etc may be different especially if you get that many in 24 hours.

Block Image

( hover the cursor over the image and click on the magnifying glass icon. When it opens click again on the image to get a better view)

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Hi @jayeff

Thanks for giving me all the advice!

One more question for the (iii):

I have tried to load the event viewer. It shows that I have 56 error, 81 warning, 0 critical in the past 24 hrs. What can/should I do for this?

Thank you!


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Windows 10 today is not compatible with 4gb of ram back when it first came out it happily took 2gb you could replace windows xp with a fresh install of Windows 10 but now so much has been added it will only run reliably on a minimum of 8gb recommended 16gb so upgrade your ram to start with then work from

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