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Fuse F2 (for Battery) is blown, need specs for new fuse

I tested the fuses as I got told that its the fuse tjats blown in the nintendo, she was right, it is the fuse (at least). Now my problem is, the two fuses in the nintendo are like 2mm2 smd parts that are only labelled with “32”. From the form I would say its a resistor, but with 32Ohms? Also, F1 measures under 0.1Ohm so cant really be. There are replacement fuses out in the web, but 3 pieces should cost 7€ plus shipping for 3 smd fuses just cut from a tape. Sadly no seller posted infos like mA ratings or whatever.

Does anyone of you know what values these fuses have? As the battery is a 3.7V Li-Ion, it would be enough to know the current Rating

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Researching online the consensus seems to be that it is a 0603 0.5A fast acting fuse.

The mouser part number is F0603E0R50FSTR but no doubt there are other suppliers as well.

The “32” on the fuse is the voltage rating and in this case is not that important, as it is equal to or more than the supply voltage. It is the current rating that matters as you said. Most fast acting smd fuses are rated at either 24V, 32V or 63V.

Here’s a link that gives the smd dimensions. Scroll down to the Passive rectangular components section, so that you can verify that the package size of 0603 is correct.

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Thank you very much :D


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