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Informazioni sulla riparazione e sullo smontaggio per la versione aggiornata del 2020 del MacBook Air. Lanciato a marzo 2020.

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Damaged LCD? External monitor works fine and the whole screen works..

So basically, I’m in class and I open my computer to it having a vertical line(s) honestly I cannot remember but I know for sure I did not drop or bang it against something, it could be from pressure but the thing is, I have a clear case around my MacBook so that doesn’t make sense unless the case itself put pressure on the MacBook??

So for more information the screen works fine and everything works but on the right side of the computer (bottom right side) it has a vertical line and a horizontal glitch line connecting at the bottom right. I realized this is a hardware problem because when I connected it to my TV the image on the TV was just fine with no lines visible. I can guess this is LCD damage from pressure…? and I would have to pay to get it fixed.

I tried all the tricks and tips… Restarting computer and everything but nothing worked. I have the newest version of the MacBook Air and I’m very confused on how it can randomly have these lines all over my computer!

Thankfully the computer works just fine, it’s been a day but it has been getting worse and more lines are appearing so I’m looking to go to Best Buy or Apple ASAP tomorrow since it is late. but yeah if you know anything please help

Also got this MacBook about 2 months ago and NEVER had problems!

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Did you get it new? Also is this an Intel CPU model or the newer M1 SOC version?

I would go to Apple to see if its covered under warranty!


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Sounds like you will need a new screen. Like you said external works fine. I know you already knew and were just hoping. Replacing a laptop screen is much easier than you think. I would take a look at a guide here to see if it something you want to attempt. Just be carful with ribbon cable connectors and you will be fine.

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