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Formally called the Chevrolet C/K, C/K is a series of trucks manufactured by General Motors and marketed under the Chevrolet and GMC brands. The C/K line includes pickup trucks, medium-duty, and heavy trucks.

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Truck died while driving now won't run

Had to floor the gas pedal to merge into highway suddenly oil pressure dropped. Oil pressure gauge fluctuated for a week until I was driving about to shift into reverse when it died now won't run no spark

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Hi @tommygunn0170 ,

Have you checked the oil level in the engine is OK, you didn't say?

Does it turn over when trying to start it?


I agree with jayeff. Check the oil level in the engine by using the dipstick. If there is no oil then your motor is probably seized and needs a rework or a replacement.


@jayeff It turns over but wont run



Have you checked if there is fuel getting to the engine?

Can you hear if the fuel pump is operating?

What is the year model of the vehicle?


@jayeff I believe it's getting fuel at the engine. 1996 k2500 400gmt


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I would replace the oil pressure sensor. If it fails the fuel pump will turn off. The oil pressure sensor is hooked up to the fuel pressure relay and if you don't have oil pressure it will kill the fuel pump relay which will turn off the fuel pump. This is to stop the engine from damage if you lose oil pressure. The way it's been acting it sounds like the sensor. That's where I would start, I would get a fuel gauge and check the fuel pressure. I would also get a scanner and check for computer codes. I'm don't know what mechanical skills you have but GM vehicles have a test port in the fuel line on the engine. Autozone might be able to lend out the fuel pressure gauge. When you turn the key on to the rin position (not start) it will give the fuel pump a 2 second power signal to prime the fuel line. After that you will have to crank the engine to get fuel pressure to come up. You will have to look up the fuel pressure for your vehicle. If the fuel pressure doesn't come up it's most likely the oil pressure sensor.

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