Left thumb stick repair \ replace/ or calibrate?

My left stick is drifting to a point that I am getting annoyed with and think it is affecting my game play “ at least I hope it is the problem" I have been debating on spending the money to get series 2 controller, repairing my thumb stick?, maybe re calibrate the thumb stick, or just ignored the problem and continue getting killed on my games.

If I repair the stick I kinda want to try and repair it with the series 2 replacement stick. Only problem is is I don't know if it is the same connection to the board? If so will it work? I assume it would but I am sometimes bad at guessing. Also I have read on some peooke still having problems even after the repair, should I be concerned? Also if I get it working how do I re calibrate it if need be?

If I go with the recalibration method, is there some software I need to get? I know the app on the xbox one currently does not have any sort of calibration tool. So I guess there might be something I need to get for windows and or Mac that u can use to calibrate it that way.

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