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Screen black out, but sound and touch work

My iPad haven’t fallen or done any repair before. My iPad just went blackout if I turn it off for couple minutes. The sound and touch are still responsive. I have to keep making the screen on so it won’t blackout. Is this a common issue ? How can I fix it?

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What do you mean by you '“keep having to make the screen on so it won’t black out”? Do you mean you want the ipad to stay on at all times and not go to sleep? Or are you saying that the screen is randomly going dark while using it? If the brightness on your display is dimming, try this:

Turning off auto brightness: Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > At the bottom, move the slider to turn off auto brightness and then swipe down from control center and set the brightness to the setting you prefer.

If your device is going to sleep when you don’t want it to, you can change the settings in Settings > Display and Brightness > Auto-Lock

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I mean when my iPad go to sleep, it’s not a normal sleep. The problem I am facing is if I awake after a few minutes,only backlight illuminating and no image showing. The brightness, display and everything look perfectly fine if I keep the screen on. The fix is keeping the screen on or wait till the battery run out and reboot. I know it’s a weird problem.


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