Drain pump suddenly kicks on

Whirlpool quietpartner 3. Since yesterday the drainpump kicks on mid cycle, pumps it empty, and the dishwasher keeps running like there is water in it. A reset didn't do anything. What can i do?

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Hi @sentasi ,

What is the model number of the dishwasher?

Check behind the kickplate (toe plate?) to see if the tech sheet for the dishwasher is there in a plastic sleeve.

The tech sheet details how to get into the diagnostics for the machine and also what the error codes mean if there are any while running the diagnostics.


Hi @jayeff

I did find a tech sheet behind the kickplate, however it is not showing me an error code - no lights on or flashing. Diagnostic cycle doesn't tell me anything either, as far as i can tell.

Where would i find a model number? The tech sheet says a part number, would that be it?

Side note: it did run normally on "normal", however on "pots and pans", the cycle i always use, it suddenly pumps empty like i said. Haven't tried other cycles yet as i never use them.



Here's a link that shows the possible location for the information label which has the model number on it.

Having the correct model number ensures that if there are any faulty parts means that you will find the correct parts for that model.

The tech sheet is good to have but it may be also applicable to different models which may have different parts - same concept as to how it works but perhaps slightly different parts so searching for the model number, using the tech sheet part number may result in finding the wrong machine if you get what I'm saying


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