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Blank screen, LED power light on

Hi there, I have a Dell S2716DG and the screen has stopped working, although the LED power light remains on when connected. It is normally connected via a DP to USB-C cable to a MacBook Pro (‘16). I have tried the method on Dell support forums of removing cables and holding buttons down etc but no success.

Other notes;

- We had a short power cut since I last used it

- I’ve tried various other cable combinations

- An old MacBook Pro seems to recognise/detect the monitor via a HDMI to HDMI cable but the monitor screen stays blank. The newer MacBook doesn’t detect it at all.

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A black screen could happen for many reasons. It might be related to an issue with a recent graphics driver update, or it could occur during the installation of a feature update that includes a compatibility problem. It could also happen as a result of a buggy system update.

There are several troubleshooting steps that might help you resolve the issue.

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