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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Front Load Washer WFW9151YW00 leaks during wash cycle

Stacked unit. I have taken apart the bottom (can’t take off the top since stacked).

I can see it leaks while it’s spinning the water around during a wash.

If I run the Affresh clean, it won’t leak during fill, nor drain, but leaks when it’s splashing the water around. I cannot see where it’s coming from, as I can see water dribbling down somewhere from the top of the drum. I also don’t get leaks all the time during normal wash, so probably depends on the load and amount of water is in the tub and how it gets splashed around.

I can confirm it’s not the bellow, since I’ve replaced it.

I need to see if it’s worth it to repair this or this sounds more expensive and would be better to buy a replacement.

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I have a non-stacked frontload Whirlpool set where the washer leaked from the detergent tray every fill, and it was due to water sprays going too far forward. I placed electrical tape over the front water holes and no more leaks.


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A number of things could explain the leak. The best course of action is to unstack the units, take the top panel off the washer and look for the leak. Start at the bottom and follow the water trail on up.

Things to inspect:

Ultimately, there is no way to know until you follow the leak to its source. Could be a $5 fix or a $200 fix.

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I'm gonna lend towards something with the outer tub. Will call in a repairman, since it seems like the cost to replace will likely to be more than to repair.

Another note to add, is on occasions, I get a dirty wash, where clothes gets brown streaks. From what I read online, this seems to point to bearing/seal issue.

Will update again once I have more answers.


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Look inside the skin panels and you will find a service technitians manual in a plastic bag taped to the inside of the skin. This is the case for all washers and dryers, so when you call a service technitian he pulls the tech book to make repairs to your unit. These are also available on line and from the manufacturer. They provide emergency unlock sequences, wiring diagrams, parts list, error code and fault code directory, diagnostic tests, trouble shooting guide etc. So the repair technician can repair your appliance. There are just too many variables for a tech to know every machine. Parts are available on line at Sears Parts, Wal-Mart parts and Amazon. You can also go to fix ya com and get expert help from a pro.

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